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not "working" by choice. Loving life, cerveza and entrepreneurship...and wondering why everything has to be "mañana". Carpe Diem

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The purpose driven ‘trep

Project Bink.
What’s it’s all about? Sure, it’s a business but what it really reflects is my purpose…my passion…my ‘raison d’être’. The “business” is merely a way to scale that purpose and passion to impact as many lives as possible. To shine my light and guide others into unfolding their life purpose.
Because if we all really think about it…don’t we want to make our dent in the universe? Don’t we all have a story worth sharing…a story that if we shared could and would impact another human?
How great is that?
How awesome is that?
How noble is that and further…how morally correct is that?
So let’s share.
And it begins here
Project Bink
It’s the next ‘Big Idea’.

The beauty of “all inclusive”…I think…

This whole “all inclusive” thing. 

I don’t generally find myself an ignorant fella but I’m having trouble wrapping my head around it all. We spent 5 days in Playa del Carmen (actually still here as a write this) and it was beautiful…lemme just get that out of the way right now. It was gorgeous, great weather, great friends and a good time. Now that that is out of the way, let me also state that “all inclusive” had nothing to do with those positive points of this trip.

All inclusive: we had our meals and alcohol covered. Sure, I know what cerveza and tequila would cost and I know what food woulda cost, but in addition to the all inclusive was an upsell at every turn. “Señor, for $50 USD more you can get the blue one”…or…”amigo, if you listen to this presentation we can offer you 2 additional tickets to el zip-line”…and so forth. Then of course was the whole pitch on becoming a member of the club with access all over Mexico and central America…yadda, yadda.

Now here’s my real, pragmatic and entrepreneur self.

I understand. I do. I really do. 

It’s a business and we all need to eat.

But my question is this, and I hope it’s really easy to answer.

Is this “all inclusive” stuff really worth it all? If I consider my time, my families time and some of the hoops one goes through…is it really worth saving the dough? I’m a real visual type so I think I might whiteboard this out when I get home and actually break out my costs for this trip.

Finally, I’m not sure why this is so top of my mind right now. Maybe because it’s new for me? Maybe because I have a little unanswered splinter in my head? Not sure…but if you have any feedback, experience or otherwise, I’d love to hear it.

Cheers from my final day in Mexico!

The opportunity in failure…

The other side of winning is the side we hate to be on. It goes by a variety of names:

losing…failure…regret…2nd place…(fill in the blank)

But it also present an opportunity. The opportunity in failing is in sharing the story.

See, I think we all have no problems sharing the wins, the good stuff of life, and thats OK. The posts on Facebook of the finish lines of life…the Tweets about the goals being met.

But what about when we crash and burn? Isn’t sharing and authenticity about the entire 360 of life? Isn’t that what true connection is about?

So I crashed and burned this weekend.

I DNF’d at the Buffalo Springs 1/2 Ironman. On the swim. I could go on about all the things that went wrong for me and then go on about how my training is spot on and I am in the best shape of my life.

But it doesn’t change how I feel about it. So I’m sharing. I’m being what I said I’d be because I said I would.

I’m being vulnerable and authentic.

I effed up my race and I’m now dealing with all the ‘what ifs’…the Monday morning QB’ing and yes, the mental questioning that goes along with this event. I feel like shit. I feel like a loser and I feel even worse that my son was there to watch it all. That’s what gets me the most I think. I feel like I didn’t come through. I talk a big talk about life and dreams…and then I freakin’ DNF on the swim.

But I’ll deal with it and move on. I will. I will because of the people I surround myself with and their indomitable spirit of drive, motivation, love of life and being happy.

OK…so in the grand scheme maybe peeps think: a race? A stupid race and your feeling crappy Rick? I’ve got REAL problems. 

Or maybe…a race? A stupid race? Really? That’s small time Rick, deal w it.

Folks, the beauty isn’t in comparing whose failure is worse or whose is least…the beauty is in the sharing. In the ability to show up as you…true…real…authentic.

So yeah…I DNF’d and I feel like a bucket of manure.

Next play…