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not "working" by choice. Loving life, cerveza and entrepreneurship...and wondering why everything has to be "mañana". Carpe Diem

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The suspended entrepreneur…


That’s the word of the day. 


I just ended a podcast show and that word came up as something many people do, especially entrepreneurs, to our lives as we grow our business or make our mark in the world.


We “suspend” our lives. The implication being that we are so nose to the grindstone that life whizzes by us…and there is some truth to that.

But it’s not all truth. See, the things we do aren’t suspension but rather just not the things that 98% of the other people do. 

So I want to propose a name change. See, instead of saying and thus feeling as if a life…our life…was suspended for those entrepreneurial formative years…I’d like to propose we say that we:

—- Inspired

—- Challenged

—- Impacted

—- Motivated

—- Changed

Because after reconciling all those years in ‘suspended’ mode, I came to realize that that is actually what happened. Cheers to my homie and fellow ‘trep Govindh for the interview and enlightenment. 

And that my friends…is truth.

"Bring your blanket" - treplife

I learned a ton of things my 1st year as an entrepreneur…

The first and most important was the fact that this was the biggest “gamble” of my life, and it felt AWESOME mainly because the dice was being rolled on me. No, that’s not a selfish sentiment but rather an invigorating one. It tends to up one’s game. To make us wanna work a little harder and as a newly minted “CEO” of a rockin’ startup it made sleep seem optional. 

"Bring your blanket" was the battle cry because if you weren’t prepared to sleep at or under your desk then why bother.

We were gonna change the business landscape and the world while we were at it. 

What I learned my first year as an entrepreneur is that anything…ANYTHING…is possible and all it took was the sheer will, desire and drive to out hustle any and everyone round.

That was over 15 years ago and the question today is…what lessons did I learn then and how do I use that wisdom (??) today. Does belief get you the win? Is tenacity enough? Is hustle ALL we need? Or is there some toolkit we should be searching for…another book to read…another seminar to attend…hmmmmm?

I’ll leave it there for now. Until next time.

An emotional rollercoaster…launch day

The launch.

It’s the day an entrepreneur finds full of excitement, nervousness and certainty. It’s all those things and couple in the fact that at it’s essence is a simple roll of the dice and wow…just wow. 

Today is the official launch of my passion project. I don’t even feel that “business” is an apt word because for the first time in my trep and LIFE journey this is something that is driving fulfillment, happiness, purpose and yes…a for profit endeavor that we will share with the world.

I’m sitting in my hotel room, the Hotel Erwin in Venice, California, (one of the coolest places on earth) typing this because at 7pm PST today I will give my 1st keynote to my 1st real, live group of attendees. We’ll be taping and filming live for the purpose of ‘sizzle reels’ and marketing. But here’s the thing about this…it’s real. Gametime.

The business? The topic? Purpose. How we can all use BINKS (life changing moments that open the door to whats next) to drive purpose, fulfillment and happiness in our real and in our work lives.

I’m nervous.

I’m excited.

I’m stoked.

I’m an entrepreneur and I’ve finally…finally found my calling.

BINK on…